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Gerard Stone Coated Roofing – the last roof you will ever need

Gerard proprietary roof products are designed to stand the test of time.  Made from 26 gauge galvalume coated steel, Gerard roofs are manufactured and built to withstand the harshest of elements for a minimum of 50 years.  Ice, wind, snow, and even hail are no match. With a 50 year non pro-rated warranty this is the future of roofing. This prodcut can also recieve a 35% discount on your insurance premium.  Not only that, but stone coated steel roofing has a high insulating capability leading to greater energy efficiency.  With over twenty colors and four profile styles, Gerard roofing also provides great customization and timeless style.  Gerard stone coated roofing, expertly installed by Anyleaks, combines value, sustainability, and ultimate durability.  As one of two certified installers in the state of North Dakota,  AnyLeaks proudly offers Gerard Stone coated steel metal tile roofing.

For comprehensive information, please visit the Gerard USA website by clicking here.

Benefits of Gerard Stone Coated Roofing

  • most durable
  • best protection
  • saves money
  • lightweight

  • improved efficiency
  • tax & energy incentives
  • improves home value
  • looks beautiful for life

  • 120 MPH wind warranty
  • 2.5″ hail stone warranty
  • class-A fire rating
  • made in USA


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