Most Energy Efficient

No matter the color or climate, Gerard’s attractive stone-coated metal roofing systems deliver solid results. Gerard uses highly UV-reflective granite stone chips, which are sealed to the tough zinc-aluminum steel substrate. The Gerard system allows air to pass between the deck and panels.

When air convection is combined with a Gerard stone-coated steel roof, the result is one of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly roofing systems in the world. An independent study shows that a stone-coated steel roof installed on battens can reduce heat transfer by as much as 45% over asphalt shingles.

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The Final Roofing System

Gerard provides the finest roofing systems in the industry delivering both peace of mind and pride in ownership.

Made in the United States and using the highest quality materials, Gerard is the only roofing manufacturer offering 18 colors on all of its stone-coated steel profiles. With this wide range of colors and styles, customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing both form and function, complementing any architectural style

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Almost all homeowners undertake costly roofing repairs, averaging three roof replacements in their lifetime. By choosing Gerard, homeowners eliminate future replacement costs, reduce maintenance and repairs and improve the overall performance of their home while enjoying the beauty and security of the last roofing system their home will ever need.

According to the Metal Roofing Associations’ 2006 Residential Cost Handbook, home values increase $1.35 per square foot with metal roofs as opposed to woodshake or asphalt composition roofs. The likely increase in your property value can be beneficial when refinancing or selling your home.

120 MPH Wind Warranty

Engineered to withstand the fiercest of winds, Gerard’s roofing system surpasses Miami-Dade’s testing requirements. Unlike other manufacturers that only offer wind warranties for a limited time, or not at all, our warranty is good for life.

2.5” hail Stone Warranty

Through careful research and testing, we have developed a 26-gauge steel panel that will stand up to a beating! Our class 4 impact rating and 2.5” hail stone warranty will allow you and your insurance company to rest easily. Visit us online at to read more about how Gerard survives hail storms.

Class a Fire Warranty

Gerard’s noncombustible steel panels keep fire at bay. Our interlocking design repels dangerous windblown embers and our light weight system reduces the risk of roof collapse. In the city or country, our Class A fire-rated roofing system will help keep you safe.


Gerard’s roofing systems offer the freedom of choosing a product that fits your aesthetic wants without sacrificing performance. Gerard’s roofing systems only weigh 1.5 lbs per square foot which is one-seventh the weight of traditional tile products. Additionally, the lightweight Gerard system provides safety by reducing the threat of roof collapse.

An independent survey performed after the Northridge, California, earthquake (January 17, 1994) found only minor damage to approximately 1% of the homes protected by metal roofing. In contrast, more than 50% of the concrete and clay roofs observed had sustained significant damage.

Avoid the hassle and expense of re-engineering and rebuilding: install our time-tested, lightweight solution. Your home will thank you!